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Honorable Jim Panchik, President Judge
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Paula McClure, Administrator
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Armstrong County, a small community located in Western Pennsylvania, is a community with a rich history and a prosperous future. The Delaware Indians first settled Kit-han-ne or Kittanning, the present county seat. Then Lieutenant Colonel John Armstrong raided the village during the French and Indian War. In his honor the county was named "Armstrong" when it was formed around 1800.

Kit-han-ne, which meant "town of the main stream," refers to the Allegheny River, which bisects the county. The river and its tributaries have an ample history of transportation, being used as the first "highways" of the region.

Located approximately 40 miles northeast of the city of Pittsburgh, spanning almost 700 miles of land area, Armstrong County's residents enjoy the friendly and spacious setting of a rural community, as well as close proximity to major cultural, educational and entertainment facilities in the greater Pittsburgh area. The county's small boroughs and townships offer a peaceful ambiance and the safety of small communities. Much of the area is farmland and forests which make a marvelous area for recreation: hiking, bicycling, hang gliding, horseback riding, camping, power boating, canoeing, hunting and fishing.

A part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan statistical area, Armstrong County's economy and industries are experiencing a period of growth and transition into a high-technology manufacturing base. The county is home to an emerging electro-optics industry and is the location of the Electro-Optics Center (EOC), the national center of excellence for electro optics science and technology for the Department of Defense and U.S. industry.

Investments and hard work today in Armstrong County are steering the county in the right direction for tomorrow.

Armstrong County

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County Seat
Kittaning, PA