Berks County

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Roundtable Leaders

Honorable Mary Ann Ullman
(610) 478-6208
Krista McIlhaney, Director
(610) 478-6700


Berks County, named after Berkshire, England, the home of William Penn’s family, with its historic landmarks, diversity of culture, outstanding beauty and friendly people continues its vision for its citizens and the region. That vision is one of collaborative leadership with over 75 townships and boroughs, public agencies and private/business partners. The county continues to be one of the leading agriculture counties in the state, mainly producing dairy and poultry products. Berks County is also one of the state and national leaders in agricultural land preservation. There are hundreds of manufacturing facilities making textiles, metals and food products. A recent economic development initiative, Cabela’s, makes Berks County poised to be the #1 tourist attraction in Pennsylvania. This and future efforts will continue to enhance its many amenities, providing equal access to the best that Berks County has to offer.

Berks County

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County Seat
Reading, PA