Bradford County

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Bradford County was the site of Sullivan s March, the French Azylum and the Camptown Races. Its 1,152 square miles of mountains, valleys and forests are bisected by the Susquehanna River.

Bradford County is known for agriculture, tourism, timber, the Susquehanna River and its open space. The largest employers include Osram-Sylvania, Guthrie Health Systems, DuPont DeNemours, Taylor Packing, Excell and Craftmaster. The county produces masonite, beef and other agricultural products, tungston products, x-ray materials and kitchen cabinets.

In 1837, composer Steven Foster lived in Bradford County. In 1779, General Sullivan marched through. David Wilmot, an attorney and author of Wilmot Provisio, served as a member of Congress from 1845-1851. He is buried in Towanda, the county seat. And P.P. Bliss, the gospel writer, was a teacher in Bradford County around 1856.

Bradford County

Bradford County Facts

County Seat
Towanda, PA