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Cameron County, small but proud, is the Commonwealth's second smallest county both in population and land area. Cameron County was founded in 1860 and was created from parts of McKean, Elk, Clearfield, Clinton and Potter counties and named for Senator Simon Cameron. Its earliest history includes agriculture and lumbering. The tallest spar for a ship's mast was taken from Cameron County. As the lumber industry waned, the county's population turned to industrial activities. Cameron County was instrumental in producing much of the dynamite used in making the Panama Canal. It also produced war munitions for the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. As America returned to a peacetime economy, Emporium became the home of the Incandescent Lamp Company later known as Sylvania Electronics (an international producer of light bulbs, radio tubes, radios and television sets). During World War II, Emporium became known as "Girls Town, USA" as a result of the influx of female workers at Sylvania. The proximity fuse was invented in Cameron County and this allowed bombs to explode at predetermined levels instead of on impact. Today, Cameron County is the heart of the powdered metal industry, and boasts the world's largest producer of powdered metals parts, GKN Sinter Metals.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Cameron County is the birthplace of famous screen and TV star Tom Mix and General Joseph Taggart McNarney, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, after Eisenhower left that theater of operations. Another favorite son is Rick Peltz, Federal Co-Chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The flagstone surrounding the tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery was quarried in Cameron County.

ameron County was one of several counties to contribute sharp shooters and is the sight of the disembarkment of the famous Bucktail Brigade during the Civil War. Each spring a national canoe race is held over the same waters that took the Bucktail Regiment floating off to the Civil War. The county has hosted the State Senior Division Little League Championship Tournament for over two decades.

An outdoorsman's paradise, the county boasts great opportunities for hunters, fishermen and nature enthusiasts. It has a huge reputation for its pristine natural beauty. It is a great escape for people living the hectic rush of city life, but residents here call it a "beautiful place to live." It truly is the Garden Spot of Pennsylvania.

Cameron County

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