Erie County

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Roundtable Leaders

Honorable John Trucilla
(814) 451-6000
Lana Rees, Interim Director
(800) 352-0026 x 6600

Erie County was formed in 1800 around a natural harbor that sits like a jewel on Lake Erie. Transportation of goods, services and people along the great lakes was vital to a new nation and created the vision of what Erie, city and county, would become. Erie carries great historical significance for her geographical role in the French and Indian War and the War of 1812; for it was here that the defeat of the vaunted British Navy by Admiral Perry's American Navy, was planned and executed.

Today, Erie County remains a manufacturing hub for GE locomotives and several of the country's largest plastics operations. One will also find some of the most productive grape vineyards this side of the Napa Valley, central to a thriving wine industry and the export of jellies and juices.

Erie County is home to three of the top 50 small colleges in America. Her glittering shores and picture postcard sunsets attract four million visitors each year to Presque Isle State Park. Erie County is a sun and fun destination that is also recognized by sport fishermen everywhere, drawn by the allure of feisty trout, coho, walleye and perch. Welcome to Erie County!

Erie County

Erie County Facts

3rd, Home Rule
County Seat
Erie, PA