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Honorable Maureen Skerda
(814) 728-3526
Mary Kushner, Administrator
(814) 755-3622

Forest County was settled by Cyrus Blood, a pioneer obsessed with the idea of establishing a new county. In 1848, by joint resolution of the two houses of the state legislature, the county was formed out of Jefferson County. No other county has been established in this way. Mr. Blood chose the name of the county because the area was one vast, unbroken, primeval forest.

Forest County is the Commonwealth's least populous county with only 4,802 citizens calling it home. Most of the land is covered by forests (93%), with a large part (50%) owned by the federal government. This is the Allegheny National Forest. Two rivers, the Clarion and Allegheny, are designated "wild and scenic." The largest industry is lumber; however, current federal policy has all but stopped the cutting of millions of board feet of the best Black Cherry wood in the National Forest.

Forest County remains the only county absent of a traffic light, a daily newspaper, a radio station and a four lane highway. Being just over a one hour drive to Erie, and less than two hours to Pittsburgh, Forest County is the Commonwealth's "Best Known Secret." It is well positioned for the advent of rural growth. A new $124 million state correctional facility is scheduled to be completed by 2004. The facility will become the county's largest employer.

Forest County

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Tionesta, PA