Greene County

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Roundtable Leaders

Honorable Farley Tootman
(724) 852-5212
Stacey Courtwright, Administrator
(724) 852-5217

Greene County is located in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. Greene County enjoys rolling hills populated by farms, ranches and small communities. It is known for its coal, timber, and natural gas. Manufacturers produce plastics, garments, mine equipment, mining belt materials, mine machine fabrication and machine shop applications. Of the 12 most productive underground coal mines in the United States, five are located in Greene County. In first place is Baily Mine with more than 10 million tons produced annually. Second place is held by Enlow Mine with 9.6 million tons annually. Cumberland Mine and Emerald Mine are ranked 5 and 6 respectively and produce about 6.6 million tons each. In 12th place is Blacksville #1 which produces 5 million tons annually. Greene County produces over 50% of all the coal mined in Pennsylvania.

Greene county has three commissioners that constitute the chief governing body of the county. Statutory authority of the commissioners is primarily of an administrative nature with legislative or policy-making powers. The county commissioners are vested with selective policy making authority to provide certain local services and facilities on a county-wide basis. Administrative powers and duties of county commissioners encompass registration and elections, assessment of persons and property, human services, veterans' affairs, appointment of county personnel and fiscal management.

Greene County

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County Seat
Waynesburg, PA