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Honorable Jeffery J. Reich
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Crystal Natan, Executive Director
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For years, Conestoga wagons, developed in Lancaster County, passed through carrying freight to settlers across the Alleghenies. Illustrious residents of Lancaster County include: George Ross, a signer of the Declaration of Independence; General Edward Hand who practiced medicine after the Revolutionary War; Thaddeus Stevens whose opposition to slavery was felt throughout Congress, and President James Buchanan. Lancaster served as the nation's capital when the Continental Congress, fleeing from the English, met there on September 27, 1777. From 1799 to 1812, Lancaster served as the state's capital.

Lancaster's 946 square miles encompass rolling farmland and historic towns and villages. The county is known to have the most productive non-irrigated soil in the nation. Major Lancaster County employers are Lancaster General Hospital, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Armstrong Holdings, Inc., and County of Lancaster and High Industries, Inc.. Lancaster County is known for its food products such as pretzels, potato chips, chocolate candy; bricks; floor coverings; pharmaceuticals; farm equipment; iron and pewter products; clothing; furniture; printed and published goods; and more.

Lancaster County

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Lancaster, PA