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HonorableThomas Dobson
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Kathryn Gabriel Cammerata, Director
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Mercer County's rich history has many stories to tell beginning with the fact that the territory was the home for several American Indian nations such as the Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy under the leadership of Chief Cornplanter. Following the Revolutionary War, soldiers purchased land for "certificates of depreciation," as a benefit of their military service. The early settlers found a land that offered gently sloping and rolling hills covered with forests of mixed hardwoods.

Mercer County's role in having major transportation systems located within her borders begins as far back as the Erie Extension Canal that opened a market for iron ore and manufactured goods between the Great Lakes, the east coast and the Ohio River. Railroads soon replaced the canal. Today, major highways such as Interstate 80 and 79 and the Route 60 connector to the Pennsylvania Turnpike maintain the important agriculture and manufacturing transportation links to the world's marketplace.

Mercer County

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Mercer, PA