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The Logan Guards Regiment of Mifflin County was one of the first to volunteer for service at the outbreak of the Civil War. Four county natives earned the Medal of Honor; three volunteer soldiers in the Union Army earned their medals in the closing days of the Civil War; the other one, a professional Regular who made the U.S. Calvary his lifelong career, earned his medal in combat with Native American warriors in 1872. All are buried in Mifflin County.

The terrain of Mifflin's 432 square miles has mountains and valleys. The Juniata River flows through the county with an abundant supply of fish. Standard Steel, Lewistown Hospital and New Holland are major employers. The county is known for the production of train wheels, farm equipment, medical instruments and plastic bags.

Standard Steel is the oldest continuously operating steel mill in Pennsylvania. In 1813, the Stone Arch Bridge was built in Mifflin County. This unique bridge was built without a keystone and was part of the Harrisburg to Pittsburgh Turnpike. A portion of the Pennsylvania Canal that is located at the Locust Campground is the longest restored section of that canal that is still filled with water.

Mifflin County

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Lewistown, PA