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Honorable Hughes Jones
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Katrina Gownley, Administrator
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Northumberland warrants the title "Mother of Counties." When it was established in 1772 it encompassed a territory equal to one-third the area of the Commonwealth. From this vast area, some 26 counties were created in subsequent years.

Northumberland County now has 460 square miles of its original 15,000 square miles, an area comprised of mountains, valleys, farmland, forests and some urban areas. Agriculture and coal mining were aspects of the county's early economy and both continue to play an important role today as leaders seek alternative opportunities for the future.

Northumberland was the fourth largest anthracite coal producing county until 1952, and presently holds third place. The fortunate factor of two branches of the Susquehanna River converging within its borders early made the county a center for the distribution of lumber, coal, and other products, which was enhanced first by the canals and, later, the railroads.

Thomas Edison chose the county for his first electric light stations. Joseph Priestley, the father of modern chemistry, lived here. Lorenzo Da Ponte, Mozart's librettist, was also a resident for a time. Before European arrival, these were important lands for the native Americans.

The county's diverse population is proud of its heritage and long has been noted for its work ethic.

Northumberland County

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Sunbury, PA