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In Venango County, the enterprising and independent spirit of its residents and businesses is as evident today as it has been throughout its history. Historical highlights include the series of forts constructed at the mouth of the French Creek as it enters the Allegheny River; Fort Machault flew the French flag, Fort Venango the British, and Fort Franklin the early American. Their respective symbols together constitute the official flag of Franklin, the county seat. The world's first commercial oil well was drilled outside Titusville in 1859 by Edwin Drake. Today, Drake Well Museum and the area's designation as the "Oil Heritage Region" (a Pennsylvania Heritage Park) celebrate the many individuals present during this period of oil excitement.

The 31 municipalities in Venango County have seen a changing series of industries and technologies, from timber, iron furnaces, and coal, to oil, and more recently specialty steel, plastics, and telecommunications. Today's products include deep mining equipment, antioxidents, sign posts, pizza shells, full-color printing, ferrous metals, maple-saturated nuts and even player pianos. As of 2001, ranked by the number of employees, the largest firms are the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, UPMC-Northwest Health Systems, Joy Mining Machinery, school districts, the County of Venango (the fifth largest employer), the Conair Group, Dalloz Fall Protection, Wal-Mart, and Franklin Industries Company. Key services include hospitality, medicine, commerce, technology, finance, government and natural resource extraction (oil, gas, lumber).

Of the 675 square miles, 80% is forested terrain. Lush deep stream valleys and the main stem of the beautiful Allegheny River are enjoyed by outdoorsmen of all kinds. "Oil Heritage Festival" is celebrated each July in Oil City. AppleFest is held each October in Franklin recognizing John Chapman's (Johnny Appleseed) residing and having an apple orchard nursery along French Creek from 1797 to 1804.

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