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Washington County was created on March 28, 1781. It was the first county in the United States to be named after President George Washington. It was a young George Washington who passed through the region during the French and Indian War.

Washington County is home to Meadowcroft Village; known nationwide for its 16,000 year old archeological dig and re-created 19th century village. Perhaps the most visited landmark in Washington County is its 23 covered bridges. Most are over a century old and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, Washington County is made up of 863 square miles of rolling farmlands, mountains, valleys, small villages and numerous towns. The Monongahela River forms the eastern border of the county for 40 miles.

Once a center for the booming coal and oil industry of the early twentieth century, Washington County has become increasingly diverse. Today the county's largest employer is the service industry. Agriculture also plays a large role; there are more than 1,300 farms whose value of production is more than $38 million annually. Other important industries include the manufacture of fabricated and primary metals and industrial machinery and equipment. The I-79 corridor, which runs through the center of the county and is bisected by I-70 in Washington, has prompted a boom in both the residential and commercial construction industries as well as tourism.

Washington County

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