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Honorable James Silvis
Shara Saveikis, Administrator
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During the French and Indian War, in the middle of the 18th century, Britain and France fought for control of North America. In 1758, in what would become part of Eastern Westmoreland County, General John Forbes began a road across Pennsylvania. Forbes' Road was guarded by fortifications, and its ultimate aim was of aiding in the attack on Fort Duquesne. One of these fortifications along the Loyalhanna he named "Fort Ligonier" after Sir John Ligonier, his commander in Great Britain. In 1763, the Battle of Bushy Run decided the fate of the region in favor of the English, and by 1773, Westmoreland County was born. The first county established in Pennsylvania west of the Allegheny Mountains, Westmoreland County originally encompassed a vast area of Western Pennsylvania, including current day Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties. Part of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, and Indiana counties were also included in this "Mother of Counties." The home of Robert Hanna was originally used for the county courts, and historic Hanna's Town, near Greensburg, PA, remains an ongoing archeological dig, a site registered with the National Register of Historic Places.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Westmoreland County grew on the strength of the coal, steel, and rail industries, and while manufacturing remains a critical component of its economy, the 21st century sees Westmoreland County making strides in the service and technology industries, with its major employers being Sony Electronics, Inc., Westmoreland Regional Hospital, Latrobe Area Hospital, United Parcel Service, Elliot company and Super Value Pittsburgh Division. Westmoreland County has been considered as one of the possible routes for the Pennsylvania High-speed Maglev project, and whatever occurs in the future for commerce and industry, it is certain that Westmoreland County has the workforce, intellectual resources, committed industry, governmental leaders, and the community spirit to remain a great place to live and work in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Westmoreland County

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