Assessment & Reassessment

Self-assessment is a central element of each states' Court Improvement Program. Pennsylvania's initial assessment phase took place in 1998 and included a comprehensive review of laws, procedures and practices related to juvenile dependency cases, public hearings, focus groups and roundtable discussions.

Consultants from the National Center for Juvenile Justice collected data, both statewide and in selected local courts, and assisted in formulating a plan for improvement. The report includes 13 specific recommendations for improving the Pennsylvania courts' handling of cases involving child abuse or neglect, which guide the work of Court Improvement Project staff.

In 2005 Pennsylvania's CIP completed its reassessment. The Reassessment is a broad-based study of the juvenile courts in Pennsylvania, which builds on the results of original assessment. The Reassessment report includes recommendations, which serve as the basis for the current Court Improvement Program strategic plan.