Program Training

Children's Roundtable Summit

The Summit is an semi-annual, multidisciplinary conference that brings together juvenile dependency professionals, in teams led by the Dependency Judge and Child Welfare Administrator. Teams from Pennsylvania's 67 counties come together to learn about the latest research and best practices with regard to improving child abuse and neglect proceedings. Participants form local teams, and those teams devise action plans for improving their communities' system for handling child dependency cases. The Summit provides each county team with the opportunity to meet as a group, attend educational workshops, and refine its action plan. It allows teams to share both the successes of child dependency programs and the perspectives of children and youth who have been involved with the juvenile courts.

State Trial Court Judges Conference

The Pennsylvania STCJC Dependency Session occurs two times per year, once in the spring and once in the summer months. This conference convenes judges from across the Commonwealth and covers a range of topics. Beginning in February 2008, through the Court Improvement Program, a Thursday Dependency workshop was added to the STCJC.


Hearing Officer Training

This training targeted for Hearing Officers is based of the Dependency Benchbook and focuses on best practices for different stages of dependency hearings.

Legal Representation Training

The training is not a recitation of the law and legal concepts, but provides a foundation for attorneys to increase understanding of practicing law in the dependency system. Topics include mission and guiding principles of dependency, duties, roles and responsibilities in representing clients, information about separation, loss and grief from both a parent and child perspective, etc. 

New Judges Session