Christy Stanek

Ms Stanek joined the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts in the Office of Children and Families in the Courts as a Judicial Analyst in September 2011.

Prior to her current position, Ms Stanek served as Deputy Administrator for Washington County Children and Youth, directly overseeing family engagement practices such as family finding and FGDM, quality assurance, training, ongoing department, Court operations and the County's Permanency Practice Initiative. In 2010, Ms Stanek partnered with a local parent advocate to create a legal collaboration team, with the focus of enhancing advocacy for children and parents, while implementing the values of Pennsylvania's mission and guiding principals for Pennsylvania's child dependency system. Also during this time, Ms Stanek served as a member of the Truancy and Legal Representation State workgroups through the Office of Children and Families in the Courts.

In 2003 Ms Stanek joined a small group across the state "pioneering" the Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) process. Ms Stanek served as an original member of the Pennsylvania FGDM Statewide Leadership Team. In addition, Ms Stanek created the Western Regional FGDM committee to help those counties, unable to travel across the state, receive information and guidance on implementing the FGDM practice. This Committee continues to meet regularly today. Ms Stanek has done many presentations at local, statewide, national and international conferences on the topic of implementing and enhancing the FGDM practice.

Ms Stanek began serving children and families in 1997 after accepting a position as Caseworker with Washington County Children and Youth Services. Within a few years, she was promoted to management as a Supervisor for Adoption and Truancy services. Ms Stanek then shifted her focus entirely to truancy by implementing the County's first truancy intervention prevention program and overseeing a full unit dedicated to enhancing the attendance of Washington County's 14 school districts.

Ms Stanek holds a Bachelors degree in Public Administration and a Masters degree in Social Work, both from the University of Pittsburgh.






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