Elke Moyer

CIP Administrative Associate/Graphic Designer

Ms. Moyer attended and graduated from the German school system. Prior to working at the Office of Children & Families in the Courts, Ms. Moyer was the Office Manager of the Dauphin County Human Services Director's Office.

Her current duties include, but are not limited to, assisting the Administrator of the Office of Children & Families in the Courts, supervising the Clerical Assistant, coordinating the Leadership Roundtable structure, creating and maintaining the office website, graphic design, acting as a liaison between the Director and Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Max Baer, county judges, Children & Youth administrators, Office of Children, Youth & Families, Child Welfare Training Program and other individuals and organizations.

Contact Info

Elke Moyer
Executive Assistant
601 Commonwealth Ave.
Suite 1500
P.O. Box 61260
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0901

(717) 231-3300 ext. 4255

Fax: (717) 231-3304