Hearing Officer Education

At the 2011 Pennsylvania State Roundtable, priority was given to Juvenile Court Hearing Officers and enhancing their exposure to the changing dependency practice. It was acknowledged that Hearing Officers, are often the first and sometimes only interaction families have with dependency court. As such, the Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Education Committee was convened to enhance practices across Pennsylvania through regularly scheduled education sessions for Hearing Officers practicing in the Dependency System. To view the current Committee members, click here.


On November 9, 2011, the first large convening of Hearing Officers that preside over dependency matters in Pennsylvania occurred. Fifty-six Hearing Officers came together to attend an educational session developed by the Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Education Committee. The educational session was monumental in that it was the first educational opportunity geared specifically towards Hearing Officers. In addition, the educational session provided some Hearing Officers with their first occasion to network with fellow Hearing Officers from neighboring counties and from across the state. 

Each year the Committee provides semi-annual trainings to Hearing Officers and recommendations to the Pennsylvania State Roundtable.  To view the Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Education Committee State Roundtable Reports, click here.

The Pennsylvania State Roundtable approved the creation of a private Hearing Officer Directory on the Office of Children and Families in the Courts website. The intention of the directory is to allow Hearing Officers the opportunity to network  and provide support to one another. In addition, the assigned Leadership Roundtable was included on the directory so they would be aware of which Hearing Officers are in like-size counties. In January 2018 the Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Directory first became available online. Only Dependency Court Judges and Hearing Officers will have access to the directory which requires special log in credentials. The Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Education Committee respectfully requests that the information within the directory remains confidential. To be added or if changes need to be made to the directory, please email the assigned Judicial Program Analyst. 

Juvenile Court Hearing Officer Directory

To view the Hearing Officer Directory click here.


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