Mission & Guiding Principles


Promote Child Well-Being  A B S O L U T E F I N A L L O G O W I T H C U T O U T  Protect Children  A B S O L U T E F I N A L L O G O W I T H C U T O U T  Promote Strong Families  A B S O L U T E F I N A L L O G O W I T H C U T O U T  Provide Timely Permanency


In 2008, the PA State Roundtable established a Workgroup to develop a logo, mission statement and guiding principles for the PA Dependency System. The concept behind this project was to establish a vision, mission and a core set of recognizable values agreed upon by cross systems stakeholders to guide the overall operation of the child dependency system in Pennsylvania.  The Workgroup was chaired by the Honorable Brian Johnson, Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County and included judges, child welfare, juvenile justice and legal professionals.

The Logo and the Mission and Guiding Principles were approved by the PA State Roundtable in 2009.  Still used today, the logo and document are the cornerstone of work in Pennsylvania's Child Dependency System.

Click here to visit the guiding principles webpage. Download the document here.