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The ideas that led to the Permanency Practice Initiative came from experts both within and outside of Pennsylvania's borders.

They were vetted through the Children's Roundtable structure and ultimately adopted as the overarching practice shift for Dependency Court Improvement in Pennsylvania. In essence, the county child welfare agencies and courts — those who would ultimately be responsible for implementing each practice shift — selected the model.

The PPI practices include: Family Group Decision Making, Family Finding and Family Development Credentialing. In a nutshell, the practice first finds competent, safe family members (Family Finding). It then engages those family members in planning and caring for the children and providing life connections (Family Group Decision Making). Finally, it offers strength-based support skill development for the child and family serving workforce (Family Development Credentialing).

Additionally, court elements include the implementation of a statewide dependency court data/outcomes tracking system; expedited judicial review of specified cases (a minimum of every three months instead of the required six month review) and a functioning Children's Roundtable which acts as the local oversight body for the Permanency Practice Initiative.

This section was created to provide resources, forms and tools specific to the PPI. These can only be accessed by counties actively participating counties.