Being involved with the court can be a scary thing. Often, parents have many questions about what is going to happen and what the judge is going to do. They might be separated from their children or worried that they could be.

Sometimes, they are hopeful that they can get help solving problems that seem too big for them to handle alone. Many new people may be involved in their lives, and it can be hard to remember who they all are. There are lots of choices to make and many things to think about and learn. Here you will find information that will let you know what to expect, what decisions the judge may make and what places and people you can turn to for help.

A good place to find information is a handbook written especially for parents. Many local children and youth agencies have their own handbook that they might have given to you when you first started receiving help from them. There are also handbooks or pamphlets that are written for parents that are general and meant to help you understand the child welfare system. You can find one here, A Family's Guide to the Child Welfare System.

Mother and Son Laying in GrassBeing involved with the courts is serious, but it doesn't have to be scary.