State Roundtable

Issues are identified during Leadership Roundtable meetings and common themes are brought to the highest roundtable level, the State Roundtable.

The State Roundtable is convened by the Honorable Max Baer, Supreme Court Justice, and co-chaired by the Administrator of OCFC and the DHS/OCYF Deputy Secretary. The State Roundtable also consists of other pertinent state and national leaders that have specific expertise in dependency matters.

During this statewide meeting, accomplishments are shared, LR co-chairs report on themes from the seven LRs, updates on initiatives are presented and upcoming events are announced. It is at this annual roundtable that OCFC's priorities for the following year are set and activities are established for the intended use of CIP award dollars.

From the State Roundtable membership, workgroups are established to research and address statewide areas of concern. Current and former workgroups include: Bench Book Development Workgroup, Pennsylvania Children's Roundtable Summit Committee, the Pennsylvania Dependency Guiding Principles Workgroup, Father Engagement Workgroup, Visitation Workgroup, Educational Success and Truancy Prevention Workgroup, Psychotropic Medication Workgroup, Transitional Youth Workgroup, Dependent Children of Incarcerated Parents Workgroup, Training for Legal Representation Workgroup, Hearing Officer Education Workgroup, Childwelfare Retention, Drug & Alcohol, Permanency Practice Initiative, Trauma and the Common Pleas Case Management System Users Group. In addition to facilitating intrastate communication, the State Roundtable is involved in the dependency reform movement at the national level to keep Pennsylvania apprised of the evolving trends and best practices.

State Roundtable Workgroup Reports